2021 NSC Safety Congress & Expo

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Thank You for Visiting Our Booth at NSC 2021!

At Cardinal Safety, we’re committed to providing as much value as we can through our engagement with customers. That’s why we accompany our high performance safety cutters with friendly service you can trust.

Our cutters are made with safety, longevity, and sustainability in mind. Scroll down and learn more about our cutters, or fill out the form to try some out for yourself today.

Why Choose Cardinal Safety Cutters?

Our safety cutters are durable, recyclable, made in the USA, and up to 50% lighter than our competitors’ — all features to help revolutionize workplace safety and efficiency. Choose from one of our four cutter options below:


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Cardinal Cutter

Our original, versatile cutter with dual safety guards to make injuries practically impossible.

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Cardinal Duo

A slim, protected dual-blade cutter that optimizes push and pull cutting capabilities.

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Cardinal Pro

A precision-oriented, professional-grade cutter that packs extensive power into an ergonomic package.


Cardinal Switch

The longest-lasting safety cutter on the market. A replaceable cartridge with eight cutting edges—it’s sustainable, ergonomic, and cost-effective.


Go Green with Our Safety Cutter Recycling Program

Disposing of your safety cutters has never been easier — or greener. All eligible customers can participate in Cardinal Safety’s recycling program, in which we take back your used safety cutters and recycle all the materials.

Browse Our Distributors

Interested in purchasing a Cardinal Safety cutter? Visit one of our trusted suppliers listed below:

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Cardinal Safety Cutters are sold at MSC.
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Stay Updated On Our Products and Other Box Cutter Safety Tips

Interested in learning more about best box cutter practices? Visit our blog to discover resources on how to use and dispose of box cutters safely.