About Cardinal Safety

Inventor and founder Jeff Kempker has devoted his career to developing high performance safety cutters.

After the 9/11 attacks he started developing a safer alternative to traditional box cutters with open blades.  The events of 9/11 involved box cutters being used as weapons to hijack the planes.  This is why Cardinal Safety developed their line of safety box cutters.

Drawing inspiration from cardinals who visited his backyard, he admired the way nature designed the curve of their beaks, then created a cutter to mimic this unique feature.
The Cardinal Cutter has two blades with a hook of plastic over the recessed edges, making it practically impossible to cut oneself. It can be used to rip down a tape line, cut through thick cardboard, strings, twine, zip ties, and more. Products like the Cardinal Duo and Cardinal Pro evolved from this original design to accommodate the different preferences and styles of safety cutter users.

All Cardinal Cutter products are made right here in the USA from materials sourced for quality and recyclability.

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Who We Are

As a small business, we work to provide as much value as we can through our engagement with customers and the goods we sell. We’ve made it our mission to offer:

The Best Quality Products

Friendly Service You Can Trust

The Best Quality Safety Cutters, Guaranteed

Cardinal Safety refuses to make a profit at the expense of our customers. When we saw a market need for American-made safety cutters built with recyclable materials, we made it our mission to design the perfect product at a fair price point. This goal set the stage for Cardinal Safety Cutters.
Cardinal Safety has done the research to bring you a safety cutter that decreases cardboard to bind up, but cuts smoothly and easily. We’ve conducted thorough testing to find the best materials and design for a sustainable, high-quality product, guaranteed.

Cardinal Safety products support custom branding!

Ask us about using your company logo on our versatile safety cutter.