Cardinal Pro



The Cardinal Pro is ideal for applications that require precision and speed in a safety cutter. This smart and effective tool packs a lot of cutting power in an ergonomic package, and is fully recyclable. Angled blades reduce the potential for binding, and the lightweight, ergonomic handle is designed for comfort and productivity.

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  • Weight: 15.18g; 0.35oz
  • Measurements: 5.5 x 1.41 x .21in
  • Recyclable: Yes
  • Blade Material: Carbon
  • Part #: C-103R, C-103Y (carbon)
  • Applications/Industries:
    Packaging, Shipping, Distribution, Office, Household
  • Types of Material it Cuts:
    Cardboard (up to double wall), plastic film, twine, shrink wrap, zip ties, bags, seatbelts, etc.
  • Patent: Pending

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box cutter

The Cardinal Pro’s recessed blades make it ideal for tougher materials, but it’s also well-suited to any application the Cardinal Cutter and Cardinal Duo can handle, from single-walled cardboard to sheets of plastic.

box cutter

Cutting through thick plastic banding is made easy with the Cardinal Pro’s proper blade angle. Cut at a 45-degree angle for maximum efficiency.

box cutter

The Cardinal Pro features dual tape splitters for cutting through packing tape and material that maintain their integrity, even through tougher materials.

box cutters

The Cardinal Pro’s efficient blade angle reduces the chance for binding to virtually nothing — for cleaner and more precise cutting power.