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Cardinal Safety improved on Jeff’s original design of a safety cutter with smarter technology and sustainable materials. Our products are lightweight (up to 50% lighter than our competitors’), durable, and can be fully recycled.

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cardinal cutter

Cardinal Cutter

The original Cardinal Cutter: powerful yet lightweight, durable and efficient, completely recyclable. The future of safety cutters is here.

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cardinal pro

Cardinal Pro

Built to withstand the toughest cutting jobs, the straight blade edge of the Cardinal Pro minimizes binding to slice through cardboard, zip ties and more.

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cardinal duo

Cardinal Duo

The Cardinal Duo features a protected double blade for push and pull cutting capabilities with an ergonomic and slim profile.

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Cardinal Switch

The longest-lasting safety cutter on the market. A replaceable cartridge with eight cutting edges—it’s sustainable, ergonomic, and cost-effective.

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The safety cutter that’s revolutionizing workplace efficiency.

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