Box cutters are great tools that are used in a variety of industries and for a variety of applications. From cutting cardboard to ripping down a tape line, they take the hassle out of everyday tasks in the workplace. 

Box cutters’ sharp blades may make them seem dangerous, but they’re completely safe when handled properly. Aside from actually using the cutter, disposing of it is a task that takes extra care. Making sure you dispose of your box cutter blades properly can protect you, your employees, and anyone who handles your garbage, from injury. 

Here’s a quick rundown of what box cutters are made of, how you can safely dispose of them, and how Cardinal Safety’s box cutter recycling program can help you do it. 

What Are Box Cutters Made Of?

Most box cutters consist of two materials: plastic and metal. The grip and handles are usually made of plastic, whereas the blades are usually made of metal. Carbon and stainless steel are the most commonly used metals because of their unmatched durability, but titanium, hollow ground, and taper ground are sometimes used as well. 

Some box cutter manufacturers may also use ceramic blades, which offer a very sharp cut, but can be pricier and more delicate than steel blades. 

Can Box Cutter Blades Be Recycled?

Yes! If you’re using a metal box cutter blade it can (and should!) be recycled. Depending on where you send the blades, they can even be reused to make new blades.

How Do You Safely Dispose of Box Cutter Blades?

Box cutter blades can be recycled one of two ways: on your own or through a manufacturer’s recycling program. Here’s an overview of each process:

Recycling Box Cutter Blades on Your Own

If you choose to recycle your box cutter blades by yourself, you’ll first have to separate the blade from the grip very carefully. Then, you can either wrap individual blades in duct or packaging tape or find a recyclable container to put them in.

You should always store this container in a safe place, away from children and pets. For extra safety measures, you can tape the container and label it “used box cutter blades”. By following each of these instructions, you’ll ensure the safety of whoever handles your garbage or recycling. 

Cardinal Safety’s Box Cutter Recycling Program

Cardinal Safety offers a box cutter recycling program to all eligible customers. We’ll take back your used box cutters and recycle all the materials. It’s our way of saving the planet and saving you time. 

reduce reuse recycle

How the Cardinal Safety Box Cutter Recycling Program Works

Our recycling program consists of four quick and easy steps that make recycling blades simple:

  1. Order your Cardinal Cutters in full case amounts.
  2. Return your used cutters to us in the marked recyclable box.
  3. Find the enclosed return label within each case.
  4. Ship recycling program orders directly to us!

Benefits of the Cardinal Safety Box Cutter Recycling Program

The Cardinal Safety box cutter recycling program is a big part of our commitment to reducing our environmental footprint and providing excellent customer service. By participating in it, you’ll see some of these benefits firsthand: 

  • Reduced landfill waste and pollution
  • Saved energy and natural resources
  • Increased compliance with razor blade disposal regulations
  • Eliminated need for blade disposal units at your facility

Cardinal Safety’s box cutter recycling program is available to all customers. Give us a call at 616-935-7208 or contact us online to get started today!