Box cutters aren’t inherently dangerous, but they can result in injury if they’re used improperly or without necessary caution. Keep in mind these box cutter safety training tips that you should know before using one. 

At Cardinal Safety, we’ve made it our mission to manufacture the safest box cutters on the market, meaning you can work more efficiently and without fear of injury.

6 Box Cutter Safety Training Tips

No matter the application, box cutters should always be used with care in order to prevent injury. Here are 6 tips for how to use them safely:

1. Keep Your Box Cutter Blade Short

Many box cutters have a retractable blade, allowing you to choose how long you’d like your blade to be. This blade length customization is useful in getting the perfect cut for your application. However, although you’re usually able to extend the blade a few inches, it’s best to keep it as short as possible. 

When the blade is too long, pressure can’t be applied effectively and there’s a high risk for snapping. By keeping your blade short, you can reduce this risk and avoid one of the most common causes of box cutter injuries, which is blades snapping unexpectedly. 

Cardinal Safety’s box cutters operate a little differently though. Our cutters don’t have a retractable blade. Instead, they’re manufactured with the blade adjusted to optimal length and with safety features like dual safety guards and blade concealers already in place. These features decrease the likelihood of injury even more. 

2. Keep Your Blade Sharp

After time, all box cutter blades become dull. When that happens, you should replace or sharpen the blade as soon as possible. Dull blades don’t cut as seamlessly, so you’ll have to use extra force that could cause an injury. 

Another thing to keep in mind: old, dull blades can also accumulate rust, especially if they’re stored in a humid environment. If you are cut by a dull, rusty blade, the wound will likely be larger and more prone to infection. 

3. Cut with the Blade Facing Away from You

When using a box cutter, you should always cut with your non cutting hand away from the cut path. It’s best to also keep any other body parts (your own or others’!) away as well. Then, in the chances you slip up and make a wrong move, you won’t cause any harm. 

4. Fully Retract Your Box Cutter Blade When Not In Use

Improper storage is arguably the most common cause of box cutter injuries. When you’re done using your box cutter, you should store it somewhere safe. If you’re using a retractable blade cutter, this means you should always fully retract and lock the blade so it’s not exposed. 

It’s best to keep box cutters out of any miscellaneous, unorganized storage containers, so nobody cuts themselves while digging inside them. Keep them in their own separate box that is properly labeled. You should also place them somewhere out of reach for any children or pets. 

5. Wear Gloves

Wearing gloves isn’t always necessary, especially if you follow all the other box cutter safety tips. In fact, Cardinal Safety’s box cutters are designed so that you don’t need to wear gloves at all! However, if you are using a cutter that requires you to wear gloves, they can prevent or lessen the blow of any cuts or nicks, and even give you a firmer grasp on the box cutter to prevent any slips.

6. Safely Dispose of Your Box Cutter Blades

After you’re done with a box cutter blade, you should dispose of it safely. They can be recycled with all of your other recyclable materials but should be put in a designated labeled container to ensure the safety of whoever takes care of your garbage. 

Another safe option is to recycle your box cutter blades through Cardinal Safety’s box cutter recycling program. We’ll take back your used Cardinal Safety cutters and recycle all the materials for you, so the whole process is hassle and harm-free. The program is available to all eligible Cardinal Safety customers.

Box cutters don’t have to be dangerous. In fact, we’ve tried to create box cutters that make injuries virtually impossible. For more information about our products or box cutter safety, Cardinal Safety is here to help. Call us at 616-935-7208 or contact us online.