Due to its sharp blades, you can injure yourself with a box cutter. However, most box cutters aren’t dangerous if you use them correctly. In fact, there are some types that are manufactured with safety features at the top of mind. So what are the safest box cutters, and where can you find them? Let’s take a look.

What Makes a Box Cutter Safe?

Whatever your box cutter application may be, you don’t want to risk any injury. Therefore, it’s a good idea to purchase the safest box cutters you can find. Here are some box cutter safety features to look for:

  • Sharpness – Smooth, easy cuts are important in preventing injury. If you cut smoothly, you’re less likely to have a mishap that results in injury. Also, in the chance you do cut yourself, a cut made with a sharp blade heals easier and faster than one made with a dull blade. 
  • Non-rusting – As some box cutter blades get old, they accumulate rust. This is especially dangerous if you are cut because your wound will likely be more prone to infection. Try to find a blade made from a non-rusting material. 
  • Blade Cover or Retractability – Many box cutters allow you to retract the box cutter blade, so you can either make it an optimal cutting length or fully retract for safe storage. Newer box cutters have replaced the retractable blades with other safety features, like plastic coverings that keep your hands far from the blade at all times.
  • Grip – A good grip will obviously help keep your fingers from slipping and creating an injury hazard. However, one specific thing to look for in a safety cutter is if the grip is in the right spot. Make sure it’s near the bottom of the blade, where your thumb naturally rests for the best cut. 
  • RecyclableBox cutter disposal is an important part of box cutter safety, and recycling is the best way to do it. In some cases, your box cutter supplier will have its own box cutter recycling program that makes the process easy. 

Which Box Cutters Are the Safest?

At Cardinal Safety, we are committed to manufacturing box cutters that make it nearly impossible to cut yourself. Our box cutters come with a variety of safety features, with the most notable being a hook of plastic over the blade’s recessed edges. Better yet, all of Cardinal Safety box cutters are recyclable through the Cardinal Safety Box Cutter Recycling Program

Here’s a look at our four safe box cutter models:

Cardinal Cutter

The Cardinal Cutter is Cardinal Safety’s original, most versatile box cutter. Its dual blades are properly angled for long lasting performance, and its plastic safety guards are included to make cutting yourself practically impossible. Along with that, there are thumb grooves and finger grips to ensure proper finger placement and safe handling. 

The Cardinal Cutter comes with your choice of carbon or stainless steel blades and is good for almost any application. It can cut through a variety of materials, from cardboard to shrink wrap to zip ties. 

box cutter

Cardinal Duo

The Cardinal Duo is slim and lightweight, but packs a lot of cutting power. Similar to other Cardinal cutters, it has a dual blade protected by plastic safety guards. However, its specialization is in easy push and pull cutting capabilities. With a comfortable handle and thumb grooves for proper finger placement and grip, it’s perfect for simple, safe cutting. 

The Cardinal Duo comes with your choice of a carbon or stainless steel blade. It can be used for almost any application, and can cut through almost any materials like cardboard, plastic film, and more. 

box cutter

Cardinal Pro

The Cardinal Pro is a high performance safety cutter. It’s perfect for applications that require high precision and speed. Its dual blades include plastic safety guards and are angled for a deeper blade recession that reduces the risk of binding and helps cut through thick materials.  The Cardinal Pro is also lightweight, and has an ergonomic handle — the perfect combo for all-day comfort and productivity. 

The Cardinal Pro comes with a carbon blade that can cut anything from cardboard to twine. It’s good for use in packaging, shipping, distribution, office, and household applications. 

cardinal pro

Cardinal Switch

The Cardinal Switch is Cardinal Safety’s newest box cutter model, and it’s one of the safest, longest lasting cutters on the market. It’s not yet available for purchase, but will be making a market debut soon!

At Cardinal Safety, it’s our mission to supply some of the safest box cutters on the market. Give our team a call at 616-935-7208 or contact us online to get more information on which product is best for your application.