Safe, properly functioning equipment increases your ability to work faster, safer, and more efficiently. In a warehouse setting, where quick, quality work is essential to maximize profitability, it’s important that you use the right tools to get you there. 

Investing in even the most common, ordinary tools can make a difference if they’re high-quality — especially box cutters, a tool used every day in a warehouse setting. Read more to learn how using the right box cutter can increase your facility’s productivity.  

4 Ways Good Box Cutters Can Increase Warehouse Productivity

Box cutters are common tools that can be used for a number of warehouse applications, from cutting cardboard to tearing a tape line. Here are six ways that investing in the right brand and style box cutter can improve your warehouse’s productivity:

1. They Cut Precisely and Quickly

When your cutter’s blade is built with optimal thickness and angling, you notice the difference. An ergonomic cutter makes cuts more precise, faster, and more comfortable during everyday use — streamlining your warehouse’s operations, while still ensuring high-quality results.

2. They’re Durable

After time, all box cutter blades get dull, which can lead to safety issues and lowered performance. However, there are some that last longer than others, depending on what materials they’re made from and how they’re designed. A good, highly durable cutter blade will improve your warehouse’s efficiency by reducing the downtime and money it takes to order new materials. 

3. They Reduce Injury

Box cutter safety is important in keeping your workers from harm and keeping your production from stalling. A good cutter will reduce injury in a couple of different ways:

  • Sharp blades – As we mentioned before, a durable cutter will have a blade that stays sharp for a longer period of time than others. If your blade gets dull, you’ll have to apply additional force to make your cuts, which could result in injury. 
  • Safety design features – Some of the best cutters are designed with safety specifically in mind. In fact, at Cardinal Safety, that’s our top priority. We’ve engineered a variety of cutters with safety guards and concealed blades that make injuries virtually impossible.

The bottom line is, when you have a safe box cutter, you reduce the chance of injuries that will hold up your warehouse production line. 

4. They’re Easy to Dispose of and Replace

Aside from actually using cutters, disposing of them is also a task that takes time and care. When you have to find a way to dispose of them safely on your own, then find new materials to replace them, it can take time and resources away from production, reducing warehouse efficiency. 

But there’s one thing to keep in mind: good box cutters usually come from a manufacturer with good service. Trustworthy box cutter manufacturers like Cardinal Safety will take your used cutters back, recycle them for you, and ship a new set to replace them. This removes the hassle of disposal from you entirely, gives you more time to focus on your processes, and adds a level of sustainability to your operations. 

Choose Cardinal Safety Cutters for Optimal Warehouse Efficiency

Purchasing the right equipment for your facility can do wonders in terms of productivity. At Cardinal Safety, our team of experts is happy to help you find the product that fits your application best. Give us a call or contact us online for more information.